Custom Soft provides html, brochure-ware, content managed, e-commerce and so much more, Nothing comes out of the box, every design and solutions that we develop is tailor made for each individual company, we won't squeeze you into a solution, we wrap the solution around you!


Custom Soft online software is one of our favourite projects, because not all software comes out of the box tailored made for your company. We can design, develop custom online applications that your company can use internally (Intranet), externally (Secure Extranet) or via mobile devices.


Everybody's got iphones and android phones nowadays, it is becoming more and more relevant to the way in which we live our lives. Custom Soft can help you take your custom applications with you on your mobile, to help you work from anywhere in the world adding more productivity.


Custom Soft's professional team will produce a complete solution for all of your website needs. Our innovative website development allows us to build groundbreaking and impactful websites that will not only draw in new customers but will ensure they deliver a return as well.

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With over a decade of business, software and web development experience, the Custom Soft team will produce a complete solution for all of your website needs. Be it an e-commerce website, an interactive website with social media and video integration or something totally different – the likelihood is we have created something similar in the past, and if we haven’t – we love a challenge!

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